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Daily Reader for Day 388: Genesis 22 - 22

Matt Carter

God promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars, and Abraham believed God. Abraham also delighted in his son Isaac. I get that, because I delight in my son David. Nevertheless, father Abraham faithfully stood on that mountaintop ready to sacrifice his son. Abraham stood there in faith.


I try to imagine him up there, but I can’t really. I’ve heard and seen lots of descriptions of Abraham resolute and steady, standing strong in the faith. But I can’t help but imagine him sick with fear and grief. How could he not be? However he stood, we know that somehow someway, Abraham readied himself to sacrifice his son.


We know about Abraham’s standing in the faith, and we know that Abraham’s faith almost never let him stand still. His faith was a call to action. Sacrificial action in fact is a calling card of his character, counting on God’s promises to see him through. God did see him through. God did provide that ram for the sacrifice. Isaac did survive.


God always provides. He provided the ultimate Lamb for the sacrifice when He sent His only Son. He did not spare Jesus, who died to save us. He died that we might live. Abraham’s heartache and faithfulness shows us a dim foreshadowing of God’s sacrifice of the Suffering Servant. God is always faithful to His promises.


Our calling as we await the return of the King is to bear witness to this God who willingly suffers for our sake. As we await Christmas and His second coming, let’s remember the sacrifice at the center of this great story.

Genesis 22 - 22


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