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Matt Carter

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Have you ever felt like you don’t belong, like you’re a giraffe in a room built for rhinos? Everybody else appears at ease in the room, but to you everything seems like an obstacle. To a lot of people outside of church looking in, it can seem that way too. Everybody on the inside has got it all together, like they were born that way. I’m sure that beneath the surface, everything is probably not all together. The problem is that we don’t often get an opportunity to scratch beneath the surface.


We don’t get to know a whole lot about Rahab. The backstory of Rahab here in Joshua 2 is very thin. We do know that she was an outsider thrice over, because she was a Canaanite, a prostitute, and a woman. Yet, she was invited in. She was grafted into the people of God. Not only did she become part of God’s chosen people, she is part of the family tree of Jesus. Rahab is one of only five women mentioned in the patrilineal genealogy of Jesus recorded in the Matthew’s gospel account.


Rahab is not part of the people of God or an important part of Jesus’ family tree because she was heroic, honorable, or noble. Like Judah and the rest of us, Rahab was a sinful saint. Like us, Rahab the Canaanite prostitute had a role in God’s grand story of redemption. She lived out the rest of her life with Israel and wound up as one of Jesus’ great-great-great-grandmothers.


Like Rahab, we have been invited into God’s grand story of redemption. We too are grafted into the people of God. As Rahab came to look forward to the coming of the Messiah, so we wait expectantly for his return. Come Lord Jesus!  

Joshua 1 - 1


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