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Daily Reader for Day 386: Habakkuk 2 - 2

Matt Carter

The story we find in Habakkuk is an old one, but it has a contemporary feel. While Habakkuk was written a long time ago, it could easily have been written today. While some details would change, the basic story would remain the same.


Bad people succeed. The proud and corrupt take power. Humble people suffer. It feels like life isn’t fair. Yet we know that God’s creation is good. The problem of course is sin and the evil that spirals out from sin, spewing struggle across all of life.


The faithful prophets of God are rightly frustrated by this injustice. Some of us like Habakkuk start marching up to the ramparts, shaking our fed up fists at God. “Life isn’t fair God! Good people don’t deserve this! Why do you let the selfish take all the power?! How can you expect us to live like this?! We need you to answer and to act!”


God answers Habakkuk, and He answers us. He will set things right. He will bring justice, rescue, and restoration. Wait for it, God says, for it will come. The restoration and renewal of all things comes through Jesus Christ. During this advent season of waiting, we wait not just for the annual celebration of His birth but also for His return. Our job while we wait is to stand up at that watchpost and call others to Him.


The Lord is in His holy temple, and the whole creation will be silent before Him.

Habakkuk 2 - 2


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